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The Devil's Pitchfork Society

Want to Join and/or Form a cutting edge Satanic Metal/ Hard Rock Band?

I am seeking to Form or join an avant-garde, hard rocking band in the San Diego area, made up of individuals who are like minded, children of the Left Hand path, or who are understanding/ tolerant of such things. I have no tolerance for those who call themselves "Satanists" and involve themselves with the harming of animals or other illegal activities. I am seeking anyone who is either Satanist, Humanist, Atheist, or anyone who is supportive of free-thinking and holds high standards for themselves both musically and professionally--yes, you must have a day job, as it were. These individuals must have gear sufficient to play a club-sized venue, and need to have been playing AT LEAST a couple of years or so. You do not need to be professional level, but must have mid-level skills to effectively form the level of synergy needed to slingshot us into the world of the renown.


My influences and tastes include, but certainly are not limited to:

VENOM, SLAYER, CRADLE OF FILTH, COVEN, TESTAMENT, HELIX, MOTORHEAD, OLD MOTLEY CRUE, OLD KISS, AC/DC, BLACK SABBATH, DIO, TOOL, MUDVAYNE, MORBID ANGEL, MARILYN MANSON, LED ZEPPELIN, JIMI HENDRIX, CELTIC FROST, FRANK SINATRA, LOUIS ARMSTRONG, BILLY HOLIDAY, yada, yada, you can see, I appreciate lots of different styles of music, and am interested in experimenting with any and everything musically

Who am I?
Click here for a brief biography. I am early thirties, and will consider all ages 18 and over, male or female, to align with. If forming a band, we need a drummer, guitarist--or two--perhaps a keyboardist for darkly chaotic hymns of destruction, and someone who can cover vocals. I was in two other local bands, but the little glue-sniffers though it would be a good thing to trade creativity and cutting edge sound (and my share of the studio rent!) for cheap thrills and addiction maintenance. 

E-mail me ( with your information, a synopsis of your gear, and a statement of intent/ proposition.

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Send all questions, comments, complaints, death threats, or virgins to: The CEO.