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The Devil's Pitchfork Society
Symbol of the First Church of Satan, a gift to you from Lord Egan!

The CEO!

Watch where you point that thing! Hello...a little about myself, if you will indulge me. I am an Aries, Monkey (in Chinese astrology). I have been a Satanist and student of Magic for about fifteen years, drawing influences from all cultures, and could also rightfully be called a Pagan and a Warlock, as I truely encorporate wisdom from all the arts in my practices. I am also a Priest in the First Church of Satan, although the term "Satan" is only metaphoric, as Satan only exists as a balancing factor in Nature and is only used as a tool to embrace the colorful legacy of the arts, as well as to incite reaction, be it positive or negative. I find elements in each of the different religious traditions fascinating, wading through what works and does not work for me, making my own magical path with what is left, with a high degree of success I must boast. I also am a legally recognized minister and am able to perform legal Satanic wedding ceremonies.

The principles behind Satanic Magic have little to do with a literal "horned guy in red pajamas", but have a lot to do with the natural balances in nature and within our very selves. I align my natural inclinations, with various Magical stimuli, and the ceremonial elements I have gleaned from various paths of study, to form a workable magical path that serves me well. 

I am a musician, writer, photographer, poet, and a lover and advocate of animal rights. I am also a student of Cultural Anthropology, focusing on prehistoric America. I grew up in the magical foothills of the Sierra Nevada near Yosemite National Park, where I first became aware of my connection with Nature and the powers it held for those who shut up long enough to listen. 

I am seeking to put together a dynamic group of self-reliant Satanists, Pagans, and others on similar paths who wish to strengthen their energy through group alliance in the Calaveras/ Tuolumne areas. Do not bother to contact me if you believe you are aligning with people who torture kittens and pull the wings of butterflies in the name of a horned deity. We have zero tolerance for this, and any other criminal behavior, as our numbers include many professional, highly successful individuals; we embrace all life as sacred, and respect our this earth as Its' true guardians. If this sparks intrigue, please feel free to contact me. The CEO.

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Send all questions, comments, complaints, death threats, or virgins to: The CEO.