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The Devil's Pitchfork Society
Symbol of the First Church of Satan, a gift to you from Lord Egan!

Welcome to Hell!

This Web site is a work in progress. An introduction to the content: 

The CEO: Who is this handsome Devil? He is available to perform legal Satanic weddings.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions are placed here, along with our responses.

Projects: Current projects will be listed as they are pursued, such as Satanically sponsored events, activities, and community FYI's.

Blackened Bible: A fun little undertaking; we thought it would be fun to rewrite the Bible, just like all the others have done; this time, we will add some actual truth, with a twist of sarcasm and wit.

Links: An ongoing set of links. Please submit suggestions for inclusion.

Questions and Answers: Questions of a specific, non-generalized nature will be included here, along with our responses. This is a venue to allow for more personalized attention.


Frequently Asked Questions        Projects        Blackened Bible        Links        Questions and Answers

Send all questions, comments, complaints, death threats, or virgins to: The CEO.