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The Devil's Pitchfork Society



The First Church of Satan: This is THE Satanic movement of the new millennium!


AzureGreen: A wonderful place to purchase supplies, books, and anything Satanic or Pagan related.
Satanic Supplies: A great place to purchase all your Satanic supplies!
Boji Stones:
The Boji® Stone is the philosopher stone of the ancient Alchemy. This is a really cool item if you are into Shamanic work or are interested in Natural Magic. The CEO uses them!


Gnosis Hosting: This is a Web hosting service that specializes in non-Christian and Adult sites! You will not have to worry about your content being critiqued. They are cheaper than you might imagine! Tell them "The Devil" sent you, and you will get good treatment!


Submit your favorite links. We are looking for some great sites that features the sacrilegious, politically incorrect, or whatever sparks controversy! Enter the Humor section.




Musical Links

Marilyn Manson Website: The official site for a strong proponent for the destruction of Xianity, and a marketing, genius!
Morbid Angel Website: The rulers of the metal world, and all around nice guys!
Megadeth Website: The official site for Megadeth. The DPS's CEO has met with them several times in an unofficial capacity, and found them worthy of our respect and admiration.
Bass Tab Archive: A great site for all your Bass tab needs. Submissions are encouraged! The leading source for Hard music, music news, and streaming audio on the Net. No wimpy stuff here, folks!
Gallien-Krueger®: Amplification from the very depths of Hades. Amplification worthy of the Infernal Master!
Hartke®: Amplification for those who are into beefy rigs. Another source for your amplification needs, worth of the Infernal Master!
Rickenbacker®: A maker of fine, handmade instruments WORTHY of the Devil!
®Guitars Website: A maker of fine instruments, both standard and custom, WORTHY of the Devil!


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Send all questions, comments, complaints, death threats, or virgins to: The CEO.