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The Devil's Pitchfork Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How do I become a member of the Devil's Pitchfork Society?"
A: For all membership inquiries, e-mail The CEO and offer a brief biography of yourself. You will be e-mailed a questionnaire for your review and submission.

Q: "Is there a Devil, and do you worship him?"
A: The members of The Devil's Pitchfork come from all backgrounds. Most accept the standpoint that the concept of "the Devil" is purely a suggestive state of mind, used in imagery and ceremony, Satan being the "balancing factor" in Nature, as manifested via our natural inclinations as human beings, rather than a horned deity in red pajamas. Others adopt the standpoint of leaving the possibility open for a dualistically-balancing deity; not one that requires worship, but one that is worthy of our allegiance --that if there was really a "God" and a "Devil", that "God" is a tyrant that "gets off" on allowing three-headed babies to be born and that enjoys the suffering of the human animal condition; because "he" allows it, he must condone it, and it is that kind of a God that is to be hated! 

Q: "Would I be involved in any activities that could get me into legal trouble?"
A: We are "law and order" individuals. While we may or may not agree with every law in this great land of ours, we do believe that our freedom is more important than philosophical head-butting with entities we have little control over. Hence, we advocate strict adherence to all local laws, and will excommunicate any individual or individuals not complying with this statute. We do not condone the harming of animals or children, or any action that steps into areas that would threaten our personal freedoms. Our Satanic practices are protected under the First Amendment, but we often choose to keep our practices clandestine in nature, due to the prevalent religious persecution that abounds. Just ask yourself, "would my boss treat me differently if he or she knew I was a practicing Satanist?"

Q: "You seem to have a lot of rye humor intertwined with the information on this site. Are you really Satanists, or are you just trying to shock people with blaspheming anything religious?
A: Life is not about being aligned with a group, rather it is about embracing what makes you happy...a particular philosophy or lifestyle, if you will. We just happen to find Satanism a worthy avenue of study and application. One may look at our various philosophical positions and rightfully call it "Humanism", or "Atheism". You can rightfully call us "Individualists"; look past the label and embrace the concept of living your life the way you choose, without oppression from so-called "religious groups". We make it our mission to expose them for what they really are...a joke.

Q: "What about the rituals you speak of. Aren't you toying with dangerous entities that we no nothing about?
A: It is suggested that you look into the numerous volumes written on the subjects of Satanism and Magic from varied sources. The First Church of Satan also has a nice informational section on their Web site that should prove useful. The rites of Satanism are purely ceremonial in nature and are a means of bending the will of the would-be magician. These rites do have an effect on the energies around us, yes, but also have a powerful therapeutic quality--allowing you to move forward and to leave off the baggage of the event or events causing you to bring your issues to the alter in the first place. With regard to the entities, Christians align themselves with an entity known for breaking "his" own laws (as when he ordered his people to kill the heathen nations in the "Old Testament"), supporting incest and rape, and for destroying anything that doesn't agree with "him"; according to the Nazarene, he that does not accept him as the "Son of God" will be eternally damned ...where is the freedom of choice here? The lack of freedom of choice equals ENSLAVEMENT. "It is better to rule in Hell, than to serve in Heaven".

Q: "Do I need to be a Satanist to rebel against the religious dogma that is enslaving our society?
A: Absolutely not. There are those of us who identify with and find Satanism a workable philosophy for us. There are also effective soldiers fighting the war against religious enslavement who are practicing Gnostics, Atheists, and other of similar backgrounds.

Q: "Do I need to 'sign up' or become a member of this or any another organization to fight this good fight?"
A: A resounding no! True Satanists are able to be effective in their workings--magical or otherwise--both in groups or alone in a solitary regimen of magical practice. People often choose to align themselves with those that they respect or that they find to be refreshing sources of "enlightenment" as there is no dispute that more energy can be raised in numbers. We suggest either e-mailing us with questions, or by contacting a respectable and authoritative resource on the subject. Please visit our Links page for more information.

Q: "Do you have local activities in which to physically participate?
A: While we do encourage individuals network with others of like minded persuasion, the philosophy being that the alignment of energy toward a common goal is increased by the numbers of like minded individuals, they are most certainly not required for effective magical practice. We currently have no organized public gatherings in the pipeline, but do have local Coven-sponsored activities.

Q: "How large of an organization are you?"
A: A loaded question, to say the least. Since we are of like mind with hundreds of thousands of elite human beings, striving for similar goals, we are World Wide. As far as this one faction of Satanic presence, we have a fairly new presence, hence we are smaller in numbers.

Q: "What types of individuals affiliate with you?
A: We come from all walks of life, but do have some similar qualities; we are generally non-drug users, and with for those that seek out information and/ or affiliation, we make an attempt to screen out those that rely on crutches to deal with the many surprises found in life. We come from backgrounds ranging from office workers, to laborers, to corporate managers, to artists, to food service workers, to computer programmers, to auto mechanics.


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Send all questions, comments, complaints, death threats, or virgins to: The CEO.